Immunize Oregon

A Statewide coalition promoting an enhanced quality of life for all Oregonians

Advocate for Better

As we return to our new normal following the pandemic, we cannot forget how COVID-19 highlighted the systematic gaps that exist within our health and justice system.The Immunize Oregon Advocacy Committee emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words.

Flex Your Defense

We invite all coalition members to participate in our Flex Your Defense Campaign this season by enhancing the social norm around vaccinations with our custom sticker and temporary tattoo booklets! Order your free booklets today and help us spread the word as a Community Immunity Influencer!

Lead by Example

We need coalition members like you to guide the conversation and ensure the initiatives are representive all of the diverse populations and unique community needs across Oregon. By contributing your unique experiences, skills, and insights, you will help shape the direction and mission of our coalition as we continue to grow.

Our Community

Join the Conversation

Enhancing health equity and promoting vaccine confidence across the Pacific Northwest is no small task. We believe that community engagement and mobilization are crucial to effectively overcoming these challenges. We need expert knowledge and insight from coalition members like you to drive efforts that represent the unique values and experiences of our community.
Our Coalition Community was designed with one goal in mind: providing a trusted and transparent online community where every member can participate in learning activities and engage with fellow members. Built by the community, for the community, our interactive platform aims to provide members the resources needed to navigate vaccine hesitancy, expand community champion networks, share important updates, and mobilize grassroots initiatives across the state - We can't do it without you!

HPV Prevention Alliance

We are a community of organizations and individuals dedicated to preventing HPV and HPV-related cancers by increasing HPV immunization rates in Oregon. Membership is open to any stakeholder who supports and upholds this mission.

Oregon Families for Vaccines

Oregon Families for Vaccines is a statewide, parent-led advocacy group working towards a state where immunizations are easily accessible for all who want them and information about the importance of vaccinations is spread faster than the diseases they protect against. We are looking for members who have an interest in helping to build up our organization and those who just want to learn more and stay tuned for future ways to get involved.

Our Partners

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