About Immunize Oregon

Our Mission

Immunize Oregon works to prevent disease through community partnerships, clinical expertise, and immunization policy based on science.

Our Vision

A future where no Oregonian has their enjoyment of life reduced by a disease that could have been prevented by immunization.

Strategic Goals

Get Involved

Advocate for Better

As we return to our new normal following the pandemic, we cannot forget how COVID-19 highlighted the systematic gaps that exist within our health and justice system.The Immunize Oregon Advocacy Committee emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words.

Lead by Example

We need coalition members like you to guide the conversation and ensure the initiatives are representive all of the diverse populations and unique community needs across Oregon. By contributing your unique experiences, skills, and insights, you will help shape the direction and mission of our coalition as we continue to grow.

Who is Immunize Oregon?

Immunize Oregon is a network of community members, health professionals, and partner agencies with a common goal of preventing disease and improving the quality of life for all Oregonians. No participant is compensated or otherwise financially benefits by involvement with the coalition. Immunize Oregon is committed to transparency and holds itself to high standards regarding financial conflicts of interest. Donations are politely declined, new partnerships are gladly welcomed. We are a coalition of parents, grandparents, religious leaders, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, public health professionals, direct service providers, researchers, and clinical educators. There are currently over 400 participants in the Immunize Oregon coalition, representing a variety of immunization stakeholders statewide. We believe partnership is key to prevention. ​